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Cardiff was proclaimed capital of Wales in 1955, and is Europe's youngest capital city. Situated on the Bristol Channel, Cardiff has a proud heritage of being one of the great seaports of the world. Today Cardiff is an exciting city to visit, a rich blend of ancient and modern, where the cities fine Victorian and Edwardian architecture is being complemented by some of the most inovative of new developments. Cardiff 's name is derived from the Roman general Aulus Didius - Caer Didi, meaning "Fort of Didius", and the city can trace its history back to Roman times. Like many of our cities, Cardiff's major development and wealth began with the industrial revolution, and owes much of its prosperity to the local Bute family. The Butes owned vast areas of the Welsh valleys, which were becoming industrialised and became extremely wealthy, thanks to the rich deposits of coal; their grandson, the second Marquis built much of present day Cardiff. In 1839 he took a huge gamble in creating the first Cardiff Dock, others followed in quick succession, and all the coal and iron from the Welsh valleys was exported from these docks. This made Cardiff one of the busiest ports in the world, with a soaring population and prosperity.


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